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A group from the Famous Five Foundation has launched a petition to change the
lyrics of O Canada because the phrase "True patriot love, in all our sons
command" is exclusive to women - sorry woperson.

They want the lyric to be changed to "In all of us command" or
"In all our lives command" or even "In all our Liberal pinheads
command." "This is not done in anger," Jeanne d'Arc Sharp, one of
the organizers, said this week. "It is not man-hating, it is about a
word." A word about men, whom we hate?

In other news, a native group has released a petition to exclude the words
"Our home and native land" from the national anthem, while a group of
people who didn't like the movie E.T. have a petition to exclude the phrase
"With glowing hearts." A group of men with erectile dysfunction want
the words "We see thee rise" removed while southerners object to
"The true North strong and free."

A Large Persons (fat) rights group wants the phrase "From far and
wide" removed while atheists want any reference to God removed and,
finally, the National Association of Legless Persons (NALP) wants the phrase
"We stand on guard" removed.

As a result of these petitions, Tequila Sheila's Heritage Canada has released
the new wording for O Canada:

O Canada, this is where we live.

We all live in Canada

In Canada, it's where we live,

We live in Canada.

>>From C to A, in Canada,

It's the place where we live.

O Canada, we live there.

O Canada, we really love Celine.

O Canada, we are the home

of Celine.

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