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Sexy Statements

Sex is evil

Evil is sin

Sins are forgiven

So stick it in.


Roses are red,

Violets are corny,

When I think of you

Oh baby I get horny,


I like your style

I like your class

but most of all I like your ass


Kissing is a habit

Fucking is a game

Guys get all the pleasure

Girls get all the pain

The guy says I love you,

You believe its true

But when your tummy starts to swell,

He says 'to hell with you'

10 minutes of pleasure

9 months in pain

3 days in hospital

A baby without a name

The baby is a bastard

The mother is a whore

This never wouldn't have happened

If the rubber wouldn't have torn


Guys are like roses,

Watch out for the pricks.


Sex is when a guys information

enters a girls communication

to increase the population

for a younger generation

do you get the information...

or do you need a demonstration


Mental anxiety,

Mental breakdowns,

Menstrual cramps,


Did you ever notice how all women's problems

begin with MEN!?!?!?


Eat me,

Beat me,

Bite me,

Blow me,

Suck me,

Fuck me,

Very slowly,

if you kiss me,

don't be sassy,

Use your tongue

and make it nasty!!!!


Holy mother, full of grace

Bless my boyfriend's gorgeous face

Bless his hair that tends to curl

Keep him away from all other girls

Bless his arms that are so strong

Put his hands where they belong

Bless his dick, the one I sucked

Bless the bed, in which we fuck

And if my mom happened to walk in

Bless the shit I'd be in.


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